Wednesday Createday

I am on an Art Venture.  Will you join me?  I’m driven to produce work that engages the public to consider what is art, is it found in a certain place or definitive medium or given acceptance by an authoritative body?  Engaging images posted every Wednesday for Wednesday Createday.  Where I post a photograph every Wednesday for people to comment with a caption, story or a thought using social media. There is no title given to the image only the date at which it posted, this leaves the viewer unbiased by the artist intentions.  The viewers shapes the nature of the art bringing their own thoughts, background, views and feelings to the image.  Wednesday Createday gives the viewer an excuse every week to create, when they take the time to write their own title/caption to the photograph.  Creativity enhances the lives of all.  This art venture drives the viewer in social media and beyond.  #wedcr8day

Artist note: Wednesday Createday discontinued June 2012


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